Welcome to Legacy Financial Fitness!
We are extremely humbled and honored that you have decided to entrust Count the Cost, LLC with the monumental task of providing financial literacy to you and your family.

It is our deepest desire that this educational platform will provide effective financial solutions, grounded in results, that lead to generational wealth for legacies to come.

Legacy Institute is a practical, family-focused and results driven curriculum that is focused on breaking cycles and building wealth. Each student is extremely important and will learn the basics of financial literacy such as: budgeting, business funding, credit leverage, debt-free living, proper planning, retirement planning and so much more.

Feel free to email us at [email protected] with any questions or concerns. All inquiries will be addressed in a 24-48 hour timeframe of receipt.

We declare that your life will never be the same after digesting, processing and manifesting the content, while applying the principles accordingly.

Much love and favor,
Cliff & Shanequa
Count the Cost, LLC

*Please note that you have to enroll in specific courses of your interest in order to gain access to the content.

Who are the Staffords?

Cliff and Shanequa Stafford humbly serve as the CEO and COO of Count the Cost, LLC. They have been for married for 9 years and view their marriage as a ministry. 

After drowning in more than $180,000 in debt, they had a “that’s it” moment that ultimately changed their lives forever. Since then, their notable passion for debt-freedom and financial liberty has touched many lives both nationally and internationally. 

This course was birthed from a place of hearing the endless stories of how many are losing hope in the area of finances and need the how-to process that will shift the penniless to the plentiful.